Dr. V. M. Thomas, Chennai Fertility Center (CFC), Dhaka

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Dr. V. M. Thomas, Doctorate, FSAB (Fellow in reproductive biotechnology)

Dr. V.M. ThomasRecipient of many prestigious awards and honors, Dr. V. M. Thomas is a renowned highly experienced infertility specialist in Bangladesh. He is an embryologist and has rich experience in infertility treatment.

Awards & recognition

  • Young Scientist Award from NESA, New Delhi for the year 2007
  • Arch of Excellence Award for his outstanding contribution in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology in 2012
  • Outstanding National Citizen Award for contribution in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology
  • Rastriya Gaurav Award for contribution in IVF in 2012
  • Life Time Achievement Award – AIAC 2013, New Delhi
  • Glory of India Award in 2013
  • Bharat Excellence Award – FFI 2013, New Delhi
  • Mother Teresa Excellence Award – ICSEP Hyderabad-2013
  • Award of Excellence in Medical Biotechnology – SAB annual award, Tirupati 2013
  • Global Excellence Award, New Delhi 2013
  • Indira Gandhi Arch for Excellence Award, 2013
  • Bharat SevaRathan Gold Medal Award for his work in the field of Infertility – Bangalore – 2013
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Medal Award from GEPRA, Chennai 2014
  • Bharath Jyothi Award, IIPFS, Chennai 2014
  • Dr. Abdul Kalam Gold Medal Award, GEPRA, New Delhi
  • SAB Community Service Award, 2015 for innovative research and community service

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  • Please said me,ivf total details cost of your clinic,My marriage was 10 years ago.my age now 33.

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